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Spectacular views of the High Atlas, beautiful mountain villages and the hospitality of the Berber people – this is what you get when hiking the traverse of the M’Goun Massif in the High Atlas mountains from the gorges of Tessaout river to the Bououli (or Bou Oulli) Valley via Tizi n’Rougoult and the gorge of the Tifri river. The M’Goun Massif is certainly one of the less travelled gems of Morocco and this three to four day track is one of the easier multi-day treks in the region. It offers a wonderful variety of fertile valleys, barren mountaintops and narrow gorges.


This walk through the heart of the M'Goun will suit most grades of trekkers , even younger ones. There is one long day of walking, but this varied trek crosses some stunning mountains landscapes, passes through river gorges, and leads up one river and down another into valleys blessedby beauty and fertility.

Some of the Berber architecture styles you will see are found only in this valley, Yemen and Afghanistan.


late spring to summer


three to 4 days






Agouti/Ait Alla


Tizi n'Rougoult (2860m)




camping, village gites


DAY 1 

Agouti to Rougoult

6-7 hours/11 miles

320m descent

320m ascent

Agouti sits at the head of the Ait Bou GoumezValley and the walk out of the village along the road has amazing views. After 3 hours of trekking we will reach the village of Agerssif (1489m) that sits at the confluence of the Lakhdar and Bou Goumez rivers. Our trail will take us then to the picturesque village of Taghoulit (1519m), surrounded by juniper trees , and through the fertile upper valley where we will take a break in the village of Sebt Ait Bou Wlli. After our break we will continue on to the village of Tazouggart as the valley becomes ever more beautiful as it winds up above wheat and barley fields, and junper, wild fig and almond trees. At this point we will have covered half of the trail and from here , the landscape becomes ever more splendid approaching fantasyland. We should reach Rougoult (1893m) after 2.5 hours . You will have the option to camp in an excellent camping just below the Tifra river, or to stay chez l'habitant in village houses. 


Rougoult to Amezri

6-7 hours/9 miles

600m descent

970m ascent

After breakfast we will start our morning walk by criss-crossing the Tifra river for about two hours before we start climbing a more barren landscape. We will reach the pass of Tizi n' Rougoult (2860m) which is well worn. You will have an opportunity to view the summit of Ighil M' Goun at 4068m, just 100m lower than Jebel Toubkal, and the long view across the Tessaout River where you can contempalte the moutains slopes showing great gashes of rust, green and grey rocks. We will then continue our 2 hour mild trekking to reach our first village, Tasgaiwalt.  From there we will continue our gentle walk to reach the village of Amezri (2250m). You will have the option to camp or to stay in a simple hotel. 


Amezri to Ait Ali n'Ito

6 hours/11 miles

427m descent

150m ascent

This day along the Tessaout valley feels more like a long stroll than a strenuous mountain adventure. The trail follows the valley bottom through beautifully terraced fields along the TessaoutRiver. The flowers and the lush green of the vegetation form a beautiful contrast to the barren mountains surrounding you. On the way, you will pass the Berber villages of Imi n’Ikkis, Ichbakene . Be ready to cross the river at several places before reaching the stone and mud houses of the village of Ait Hamza where you can spot a water mill used to grind the annual wheat crop. Another hour of delightful walking will lead us to the village of Ait Ali n'Ito.  You will spend the night in a gîte with beautiful views over the Tessaout valley.


Ait Ali n'Ito to Ait Alla

2.5-3 hours/5 miles

150m descent

After breakfast we will start our gentle walk alongside the river to reach the beautiful little village of Fakhour, where the houses climb up the hillside. An hour later we should reach the village of Ifoulou where you can enjoy a mint tea.

After our little break we will reach the small village of Ait Alla in less than an hour for our transfer to Marrakech. 

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